World's Best Citruses

At Agrisicilia USA, it’s our goal to bring you the most delicious organic marmalade and jam made with top quality products directly from the sun-kissed, fertile fields of Sicily.

Their remarkable flavors and extraordinary nutritional properties make Sicilian citrus fruits among the most popular in the world. Vitamins, antioxidants, valuable micronutrients, and anthocyanins combine to protect our cells from the damage of oxidation and promote overall wellbeing. The trees that produce these natural wonders are iconic of Sicily and give this land the charm of a true garden.

These organically grown fruits have received less exposure to nitrates and pesticides and therefore, are richer in nutrients, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins. 

Let's make a conscious decision to always choose organic products and reduce public health risks.


Short History...

Originating in northern India, southwestern China, and Malaysia, citrus fruits soon accompanied travelers along the Silk Road to the Middle East and Europe. Some citrus species have been present in the Mediterranean basin for thousands of years. In Sicily, oranges, lemons, and mandarins found soil and climatic conditions that were ideal for producing a high quality of fruit, even better than in the regions where they originated.

The introduction of citruses in Europe, at first had a clear ornamental goal. In manuscripts and paintings, we can easily discover that many villas' gardens were enriched with Citrus Trees, which not only can fill an area with luscious green but can